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Looking for help?: ePortfolio directions and required contributions list


Why an ePortfolio?


The ePortfolio is one of the two deliverables for the MHA@GW program.  Like an artist's portfolio, that showcases their best work as they progress through their career, this portfolio should serve a similar purpose; providing a record of your development, over time, as you advance through this program and its various perspectives on healthcare management and leadership.  As a competency based program, the components of the portfolio will demonstrate and map your achievement relating to each of the program's knowledge areas and applied skills.


This is YOUR portfolio and we encourage you to make it your own, enhancing it items such as: videos, podcasts, mind-maps, professional achievements/awards, data, links to outside content that you find relevant to the topics you are studying, etc.  You are the curator of this portfolio and it is a record of your development that you can share with your faculty, advisers, mentors and current or future employers.  


Portfolio instructions:


At the end of each Module and Immersion, you will return to your portfolio to:

  • upload key work products you have produced independently and collaborated on with your group. 
  • reflect in writing - for NO MORE than 10-minutes - on how this learning experience has influenced your perspectives as a heathcare leader
  • provide feedback on your learning experience in the course


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.