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MHA@GW Module 2

Medical Informatics and Decision Management


Module 2 Key Competencies 

- Health Care Issues: Health care issues and trends Project Management: Planning and managing projects


- Change and Innovation: Planning and implementing change Information


- Management: Information and technology management


- Decision Making: Solving business problems and making decisions

My Development


Prior to Module 2, my understanding of health information technology (HIT) was largely constrained to the electronic health record (EHR). The course content of Module 2 has influenced my management and leadership practice by expanding my knowledge of the field of HIT and HIT policy.


Specifically, the sections of the course that examine the process of technology evaluation to technology implementation and adoption were particularly helpful to my growth as a leader. A healthcare organization's decision to acquire a new technology represents a significant financial investment. Leaders such as myself bear the responsibility to successfully navigate the organization forward such that the organization achieves the full benefit from acquiring the technology.


For example, leaders need to optimize the probablity of a successful technology launch by negotiating an implementation strategy that includes pre-deployment staff education, staff support during "go live", and post-deployment technology support. I look forward to future leadership opportunities when I will work with leadership teams who are committed to improve healthcare delivery and services through HIT tools.  




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.