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Physical therapy standards of practice encompass a number of definitive skills that extend beyond clinical and practical practice. I believe that having a thoughtful and active understanding of the core values of the profession lays the foundation for exemplary patient management. Fortunately, we are given tools to aid in our endeavor towards competent care. The following four pieces highlight my ability to incorporate and implement a few of these tools into my habits as a clinician including: the patient client management model, evidence based practice, crticial thinking, and problem solving. These segments helped to solidify the idea that having a strong foundation is key to successful and well executed patient care. 


Core Values Self Reflection: exploring APTA's core values and their impact on transforming my standards as a physical therapy student. 


Pediatrics Clinic Assignment: application of the patient client management model in a pediatric setting. 


Post Polio Report: a comprehensive report utilizing evidence and standards of care to evaluate and treat a person with post-polio. 


CRF 2 Case: critical thinking and problem solving to develop a treatment diagnosis and plan of care supported by current evidence. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.