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Upholding the value of professionalism

within a physical therapy career can make the difference between a progressive therapist and a complacent therapist.  I chose these three pieces to highlight different aspects of my professional development. The first reflection delves into my experience as a first year student discovering the networking and educational opportunities that a national conference has to offer. The second piece highlights my growth as a reflective clinician. The final piece emphasizes my growth as an advocate for our professions development in the healthcare world. I chose these artifacts due to the noticeable transformation I undergo from my first experiences learning about this field to my final days as a student.  Each selection has slightly more depth as I gain confidence being a reflective and motivated member of the profession. 


NSC Reflection: thoughts and experiences at national student conclave as a first year DPT student. 


Critical Incident Essay: my exploration of my ability to manage critical incidents as an aspiring clinician. 


Policy: position paper advocating for physical therapists to become the primary health care access point for patients with low back pain. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.