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                        Purvi Patel

22 Brown Street, Blackstone, MA 01504   ▪   (774) 210 2435    ▪   patelrpurvi@gmail.com








To obtain a position that will effectively utilize my acquired expertise, clinical skills, creative, leadership skills and commitment to excellence as an Assistant Health Program Administrator.




Executive Master in Health Administration George Washington University – Washington, DC                               March 2016 – May 2018

    GPA 3.9

Post-Baccalaureate, Pre-Dental/Pre-Medical Studies Worcester State University – Worcester, MA                    May 2014 – Sept 2012

Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology MCPHS – Boston, MA                                        September 2009 – May 2012



  • Certification: Registered Pharmacy Technician, Massachusetts, License #PT16949



MEDITECH                                                                                                                                      October 2016 - Current

Implementation Specialist

  • Understand and implement the workflow of hospital areas using designated applications
  • Demonstrate system knowledge through presentations and written projects to clients
  • Assess customer’s needs and goals with the company electronic health record system
  • Assist customers during the implementation process by advising them how to set up various systems to meet their operational and workflow goals
  • Develop workflow strategies that optimize system usage that are in line with established best practices
  • Train core team members and end-users for optimal results
  • Perform ongoing education with existing customers via telephone, on-site audit visits, and seminars
  • Troubleshoot, research and solve software problems and existing customer issues
  • Respond to incoming queries from customers post on-site visits
  • Assist clients in designing and creating the initial system


CVS PHARMACY                                                                                                                     December 2012 – October 2016

Pharmacy Technician

  • Inputted health insurance data and processed claims via electronic health records
  • Assisted in streamlining communication with patients, insurance companies, pharmacist and other healthcare-related members
  • Monitored team performance at all five stations
  • Maintained detailed inventory of products and pharmaceutical drugs


BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S HOSPITAL MAJOR METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL                                 March 2012 – April 2012

Student Intern

  • Worked under supervision of certified nuclear medicine supervisor
  • Acquired knowledge of assays, recording, preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals
  • Responsible for patient education on nuclear medicine procedures
  • Performed venipunctures, operated on imaging equipment and obtained high quality diagnostic images


DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE MAJOR METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL                              January 2012 – March 2012

Student Intern

  • Worked under supervision of certified nuclear medicine supervisor as a PET/CT student intern
  • Responsible for preparing patient procedure rooms and explaining the procedure to patients under management supervision
  • Acquired knowledge of processing cardiac studies
  • Maintained and calibrated the PET/CT machinery





Student Intern

  • Worked closely with certified nuclear medicine supervisors and nuclear pharmacist in the Nuclear Cardiology and Radio-Pharmacy departments
  • Analytically prepared radiopharmaceuticals appropriate to the prescribed procedure and patients
  • Maintained meticulous nuclear medicine notes and record keeping


BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER MAJOR METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL                                   September 2011 – October 2011

Student Intern

  • Responsible for preparing patients for examination, including obtaining a history and venipunctures
  • Prepared and administered radioactive doses
  • Conducted patient imaging and computer processing
  • Implemented quality control measures on all camera and equipment
  • Developed interpersonal skills necessary to interface effectively with patients



  • MEDITECH, Medical Terminology, EHR, ARRA, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Outlook and Data Entry, Siemens, GE, Philips cameras, including E. Cams, C. Cams, D. SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET/CT. Worked with Pinestar, Optility, LMR, RxConnect.  
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.