DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Systems Thinking and Learning


Key Competencies:

Leadership planning and implementing change
Communication and Relationship Managementinterpersonal communication
Business Skills and Knowledge systems thinking
Business Skills and Knowledge solving problems and making decisions
Business Skills and Knowledge planning and managing projects
Business Skills and Knowledgestrategic planning
Business Skills and Knowledgequality and performance improvement
Business Skills and Knowledge organizational dynamics and governance



Systems Thinking and Learning_syllabus_2016July.pdf




Systems thinking and learning was a perfect way to tie the work of this program together and think about each part in the context of how they are meant to operate together.  For example, I was reminded how important it is to understand the financial operations of the organization in order to make decisions and the importance of building relationships across the entire organization.  Further, how our work around management styles and the study of Deming's principles were naturally revisited throughout Module 8.  Viewing an organization as a system and learning to respect the various functionalities of it and the strengths and contributions of its people, will only serve to accomplish meaningful work and push the organization closer towards its goals.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.