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Volunteering with the Challenger's Baseball team, an organization put together for children with special needs, that GW DPT has a relationship with. 

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At The George Washington University, the student organization began a goal for 1,000 hours of service every Fall semester, and our class was the first to also initiate this for the Spring semester as well. During my time at GWU, I participated in many service opportunities both in and out of school. 


This artifact was a group project completed during our Community Practicum class. GWU students have a partnership with a local Pro Bono clinic in Northeast D.C. that offers free physical therapy services as well as a diabetes screening day once every month. On Diabetes Day, the clinic provided handouts to the participants; however, the patient education sheets were disjointed and from multiple sources. For our project, we constructed patient handouts on important information about Diabetes and the management of. Since the population is widely Spanish speaking, we also made a translated version in Spanish to eliminate language discrepancies. 

Diabetes Handout


As another part of the Community Practicum class, I reflected on my experience with service and how the class helped expand by passion. Participating in service at GWU is something that has inspired me to continue service beyond graduation, and I look forward to finding ways to help our the community.

Passion for service

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