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Welcome to my E-Portfolio!  


My name is Katie Albert, and I am a student physical therapist at The George Washington University, Class of 2016. 


About Me

My path to physical therapy started in Midlothian, Virgina where I had the honor of growing up dancing at the Richmond Ballet. Advancing through their middle and upper schools as well as being a trainee during my senior year of High School, I constantly found myself studying, analyzing, and quantifying the way the body moves. Fascinated by the intricacies and precision of the body, I knew I would pursue a career that allowed me to study movement systems and the balances that each created. Through some self exploration and my own personal experiences in physical therapy, I eventually determined that many of the characteristics that I attained throughout my life such as attention to detail, a hard work ethic, and creativity led me to this great profession. I cannot express how grateful I feel to be able to pursue this lifelong dream at The George Washington University Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program, and I am excited to see what this journey entails. 



Please enjoy browsing through the various pages of my E-portfolio to gain a better understanding of who I am as well as my goals and passions within this profession. 



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