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The following two categories are Health Condition Worksheets and Presentations that I completed in my Musculoskeletal Management course. For these, each student was given a topic that they would become an expert on and report on clinical presentation and literature findings to our classmates. This was the primary way for us learning the most common diagnoses seen in clinic. From these project, I learned valuable skills on presenting individually, literature reviews, and plan of care formulation. 



Carpal Instability Presentation

Carpal Instability Worksheet



Lumbar Instability Presentation

Lumbar Instability Worksheet

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Throughout physical therapy school, we took three course in research practice during which we learned how to critically appraise articles. This will help us in our careers to stay up to date on the literature for best practice with our patients. I hope to continue to focus on evidence-based practice by joining or starting a journal club at my future work place. Attached below are two example article critiques that I completed during my second year of school. 


Cardiopulmonary Article Critique


Neuromuscular Traumatic Brain Injury Article Critique

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