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MHA@GW Program Competencies


The MHA@GW Program is designed to support you in obtaining 31 specific competencies within five domains, all relating to the diverse skills and knowledge required to effectively lead and manage Health Service Organizations.  On the first page of each module listed in this portfolio template, you will find a listing of the key Domains and Competencies addressed within that module. 


Below you will find a listing of the 31 MHA@GW Program Competencies and five Domains and you can download a full description of the MHA@GW Program Competencies here (.xls file).




Change and Innovation

Individual Behavior

Communication and Relationship Management


Public Speaking

Group Dynamics

Business Skills and Knowledge

Decision Making

Project Management


Financial Management

Quantitative Analysis

Information Management

Human Resources Management

Legal Principles

Clinical Performance Improvement

Strategic Planning

Public and Media Relations

Quality Management

Financial Management

Organizational Behavior and Governance


Personal and Professional Ethics


Improving Community Health

Time Management

Healthcare Knowledge

Healthcare Issues


Epidemiological Method

Health Policy







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.