DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

MHA@GW Module 8

Key Competencies:
Leadership –
planning and implementing change

Communication and Relationship Management—interpersonal communication Business Skills and Knowledge – systems thinking

Business Skills and Knowledge – solving problems and making decisions

Business Skills and Knowledge – planning and managing projects

Business Skills and Knowledge—strategic planning

Business Skills and Knowledge—quality and performance improvement

Business Skills and Knowledge – organizational dynamics and governance 


My Development:



  • How did this module's activities influence my management and leadership practices?
    • This module was by far one of the most useful as far as information and topics for utilization in my current position. Systems thinking is so important and relatively speaking, this module has the ability to influence my current position entirely. As Clinical Operations Manager: I work directly with our Revenue Cycle. I work directly with our Chief Operations Officer. I sit in every leadership meeting and discuss strategic planning. I meet with my department directors to discuss inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. 
  • New capabilities that I developed during this module that were of immediate use to me in my job role.
    • Relatively speaking, I gained the most information that was included in my overall organizational research project during the module. In previous modules I found information that would be helpful to be shared with my leadership, however, module 8's reading, projects, and information were quite possibly the most highly utilized for my current position. In my new position as Clinic Operations Manager, I am fortunate to have my foot in the door of each department. I'm involved in the project updates and have the ability to be involved in helping to find the solutions to the problems that are being identified. That considered, I would like to find more ways of presenting options and challenges to leadership in ways that are more easily understood by people that are not working those front lines. A presentation to the board of directors about patient portal enrollment is helpful, but providing them with the information about why we need to increase enrollment, i.e. Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability, is better. I'm learning the pathways to meaningful and effective communication across our system, but there are still questions. 
  • Challenges I overcame during the course of the module.
    • This module because difficult because it was clear that there was so much to be gained from the information and learning materials, however, being the final module proved to be difficult to maintain the momentum to finish on a high note. I believe that I was able to persevere through the challenges, but it made me take a look back to recognize what burn-out can do to staff and other employees as well as students. I think that this opportunity to push through that final few weeks taught me how to encourage others in that position in my life and organization, taught me how to handle my own level of stress and burn-out, and finally taught me to be grateful for the opportunities that have been presented in class by our cohort, in and out of class by our professors, and by the people I was able to seek out in my own organization. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.