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MHA@GW Module 7

Key Competencies:

Business Skills and Knowledge—solving problems and making decisions

Business Skills and Knowledge—organizational dynamics and governance Healthcare Knowledge—healthcare issues and trends

Healthcare Knowledge—health policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation 

My Development:


How did this module's activities influence my management and leadership practices?

Compliance, governance, and policy have always been something of interest to me. That being said, I was previously very unaware of the depth and complexity of the departments that work deep in the weeds of law and policy. I had some exposure to the federal laws, regulatory rules, and compliance expectations, but never had the time outside of my accreditation requirements to really delve into the information. I was told once that we couldn't do something because of the "Stark Law". I understood very little of that law and until this module did not know that there were exceptions to and also safe harbors for many of the federal and state rules. I am much more acutely aware of certain implications now than I had been previously. 

New capabilities that I developed during this module that were of immediate use to me in my job role.

In my role as a clinical applications coordinator, I have been involved in much of our Electronic Health Record changes and updates. This course has helped me to find and understand the CFR 42 requirements regarding the sequestering of Substance Use medical and behavioral health records which have directly tied to one of my on-going projects. This course has also helped me to ensure that our privacy settings are set appropriately, and clarify which positions have which rights according to the person's credentials and education. I'm grateful for the introduction in this course where we learned how to search for federal documents and rulings. 


A new career direction or specialization I am considering.

Starting in January 2019, I will be transitioning to the Clinical Operations Manager position within my current organization. I am fortunate to have had the exposure to the compliance, risk assessment, and work plan aspect of this course as I can imagine that I will be using those tools in my new position. 

A "muddy point" that I will continue to focus on until I find a better answer.

I wish that I had more exposure previously to law and policy, as I felt that this course could have really provided an excellent opportunity to build off of previous knowledge. I did have people in my Student Led group that provided valuable insight at times, but many times I found that the same two of us were consistently leading, and then had to spend more time teaching the topic to others that did not commit the time to review it beforehand, rather than taking the time to really explore the content. 


A new strategy or perspective or a management issue that I'm currently encountering.

During this course, I was exposed to multiple methods of completing a comprehensive risk assessment and work plan. I was very grateful to see others' work as quite often it can provide insight and opportunities to improve my own. 


Challenges I overcame during the course of the module.

I was challenged by the materials and the comprehension of some of the topics that were more abstract or had multiple possibilities as answers or outcomes. I occasionally struggle to think outside of the box. This module provided valuable feedback that pushed those boundaries for me.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.