DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

MHA@GW Module 6

Quality Improvement 

HSML 6269

Key Competencies:

Change and Innovation - Planning and implementing change

Decision Making - Solving business problems and making decisions

Project Management - Planning and managing projects

Quality Management - Quality and performance improvement

Quantitative Analysis - Quantitative analysis 

My Development:


  • How did this module's activities influence my management and leadership practices?
    • This module provided me with the opportunity to identify a weak area through the Control Chart project which is reflected in my Individual Assignment 4. Through the project that focused on the Kodiak Area Native Associations Missed Dental appointments over the past 18 months, I was able to present the information to both Dental and Clinical leadership. I discovered opportunities to identify weaknesses that can be addressed through policy and procedure management as well as how to improve the patient outreach. 
  • New capabilities that I developed during this module that were of immediate use to me in my job role.
    • This module did not address some of the aspects of Quality that I had originally anticipated which allowed me to move past some of my preconceived notions about what quality was in the healthcare environment. Stepping away from the original laboratory quality perspective has been a turning point in this program that allowed me to become more aware of the other aspects of healthcare quality. 
    • I became more aware of other methodologies that were not the standard Six Sigma responses. 
  • A new career direction or specialization I am considering.
    • I am hoping that in the near future with the experiences and the knowledge gained as well as the added versatility that I am able to add that I will be able to move into another leadership position that is not limited to one specific department.
  • A new strategy or perspective or a management issue that I'm currently encountering.
    • Learning about the similarities that exist between quality improvement and project management have changed my perspective on how to approach larger scaled quality improvement projects. By handling those projects in the same manner, we can outline measures and mitigate scope creep in a much more efficient manner. 
  • Challenges I overcame during the course of the module.
    • The repetition of much of this material became a challenge for me. The reading material was also somewhat of a challenge as much of the information was very repetitive. 
    • I had a hard time relating some of the methods and models to healthcare until later in the module as much of the information that was presented was from a business perspective. 
    • The utilization of the IHI documentation became the most effective tool in this module as initially when tasked with working on finding data to place into a control and run chart I felt limited. Once I started digging into the system using the QIP and PDSA tools, I discovered many other options that would turn into improvement opportunities. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.