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MHA@GW Module 3

Finance HSML 6266

Key Competencies:

Decision Making: Solving Business Problems and Making Decisions

Financial Management: Financial Management

Quantitative Skills: Quantitative Analysis

Regulations: Standards and Regulations

Health Care Issues: Health Care Issues and Trends

Health Care Issues: Health Care Personnel 

My Development:


I knew fair well going into Module 3 that it would be one of my weakest subjects. I've never excelled in financial management and had never taken an accounting course prior to the prerequisite for Module 3. I was always prepared with a statement going into a job interview when they asked what the greatest weakness was "accounting". I know my checks and balances, pros and cons, and can perform math when related to chemistry or algebra, but could not wrap my mind around the financial management accounting equations. I can honestly say at the end of Module 3 that this module not only challenged me more than the others to this point, but it also offered me some insight into the part that I had not been a part of before with my healthcare management team. 

This module has influenced me to become more involved and to ask more questions to my supervisors when reviewing my monthly statements and balances. Before Module 3, I used those reports to monitor how the department was doing, but never fully grasped the depth of what those reports could really offer. 


I developed the language and vocabulary skills to speak confidently with my finance department leadership as well as the Cheif Operating Officer. I've been able to make proposals with concrete data and spreadsheets that didn't take me months to create. 


At the end of this module, I am leaving my position as Laboratory Director and will be starting the position of Clinical Applications Coordinator at Kodiak Area Native Association. The knowledge I have gained in module 3 will allow me to step into the role as CAC and be able to effectively troubleshoot many items in Microsoft, which before would have required some youtube quality research. 


I still know and understand that I have much to learn in the Finance and Accounting departments, but I now have a better understanding of the going's on's for both patient finance and the business side of healthcare. It may take me a while to fully grasp the concepts involved with private pay insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, and the differences, however, previously I had very little knowledge at all. 


The biggest struggle this module was seeing the "error". I would sometimes feel defeated when I would be so sure that I knew what I was looking at on a spreadsheet, but the numbers were wrong. I hope to someday be able to see the error that is made without having to struggle so much. 


I am much more confident than I ever was before Module 3 in the field of finance, and very much appreciated the passion that the professors had for the subject. Their passion made something difficult, very interesting and intriguing. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.