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MHA@GW Module 1

Management and Strategy HSML 6264

Key Competencies: 

Leadership: leading and managing others, planning and implementing change
Communication and Relationship Management: interpersonal communication, writing skills, working in teams
Business Skills and Knowledge: human resources management, strategic planning, marketing, organizational behavior and governance, planning and managing projects, quantitative analysis
Professionalism: improving community health
Health Care Knowledge: health care personnel, health care issues and trends



My Development:


Module 1 of the MHA@GW Program was the perfect introduction for members of the healthcare community who are interested in becoming leaders in their respective health care corporations. The activities, readings, and case studies that were evaluated during Module 1 allowed each individual to use their knowledge base to support discussion and helped to provide a broader understanding of others' perspectives. Reading the leadership challenge and utilizing the leadership challenge workbook to evaluate my current practices and compare those to other leaders provided me with significant insight into why certain methods have not worked as effectively as others. The ability to have candid conversations with other health care professionals in the confidence of our virtual classroom allowed for discussions that may otherwise have created conflict among others.  Capabilities I developed during Module 1 was the ability to find applicable and relevant resources for case study research. The discussions regarding population health and outcome-based medicine allowed me to enter into conversations with my administration immediately and I was able to find resources to support conversations and help develop the strategic goals. With the entry into this Masters of Health Administration program, I have considered applying for several positions within my corporation. The Assistant Vice President of Hospital Services, the Ancillary services director position, or the Village Health Services (VHS) Laboratory Director position were all available. I applied to be the Moderately Complex VHS Laboratory Director as well as the Administrative Laboratory Director. I have hopes that in the near future I will be able to use more the knowledge I've gained from the program to apply with a stronger foundation to a higher level administrative job. Several things that are not entirely clear for me currently will most likely be addressed further into this program but an example would be a clear understanding of the fiscal process including budgets and multipayer system structures. The clarifying moment for me in the MHA Module 1 was the moment I realized that I was in a program with very intelligent people that all wanted to be a part of something bigger. When you take high school courses, or even undergraduate studies it seems that there are always people that are in the classes because they "have to be" there, and do not contribute to the outcomes. This introduction to the MHA program was both enlightening and encouraging. There are many strategies that I was able to take away from module 1, but the ability to recognize peoples strengths and weaknesses is something that I have improved on, and look forward to immersion 1 to continue to develop. Another strategy that was introduced was the Toyota Production System (TPS) and other lean methods that I am working to implement directly into my laboratory. This change of mindset in my lab is also one of the biggest challenges I've overcome in my position as laboratory director. Over the course of this module, the biggest challenge for me was finding the peace and ability to manage my time effectively. My family, career, and education are all high-level priorities, and many days it is clear that 24 hours is not quite adequate. I hope to continue learning time management skills over the course of this program because I can see the benefit to being able to manage and find a good work-life balance is a key to success as a health administrator.







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.