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I am Ashley S Frost.


At the age of 6, I received my first kitchen science kit. At the age of 12, my parents arranged for me to “go to work with a parent” with a family friend that was a general surgeon. The goals of my high school and post-secondary education have been based primarily on a plan to enter the healthcare field. Upon starting my college career I was excited to find that I could both work in healthcare, and continue my passion in a field called (at that time Medical Technology) Medical Laboratory Science. Although my first few years of college were plagued with college sports practices, weekend games, and the escapement of parental supervision, which shine through negatively on my transcripts allowed me the experiences and lessons learned that are irreplaceable.  Throughout my tenure at both the University of North Dakota and the University of South Dakota, I was able to discover that my true passion and best efforts would be in Laboratory Medicine. 


Being a self-proclaimed Type A personality with very precise demands and goals has helped me finalize my Clinical Rotation at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and pass my boards in June of 2009.  I married my college sweetheart in 2009, and we had a son in February 2011, and another son in June 2014. We are an active family that likes to pursue adventure and the outdoors. My husband and I moved to Nome, AK where I accepted a position in the small laboratory with the confidence that I would not remain a low-level bench tech for long. I was fortunate to find mentors that encouraged me to step into a supervisor position within my first year of employment, at which point I applied to the United States Public Health Service. Within the Commissioned Corps, I joined a Rapid Deployment Force team and have maintained both my commitment to the Clinical Laboratory at Norton Sound Regional Hospital as well as my commitment as an Officer. I started the MHA@GW program as a Laboratory Administrative Director for Norton Sound Health Corporation in Nome, Alaska and Moderately Complex Laboratory Director for 15 remote village clinics. In this position, I’ve been fortunate to be an integral member of several large-scale hospital projects; a new hospital build and move as well as an Electronic Health Record implementation. With these projects under my belt, I have aspirations of completing a project management certificate. These projects have also given me a taste of what it means to be a part of the bigger healthcare picture. I’ve worked closely with my Chief of Staff, Vice President of Hospital Services, and Chief Executive Officer and found that I am very interested in continuing my progress and learning more of their world. In my position as Laboratory Administrative Director, I am involved with Accrediting Agencies, Regulatory requirements, financial responsibility, as well as the day-to-day management of my department. Coming from a laboratory background I find that I am more aware of requirements than some of my other health-related fields. 


I continued the program during my move to Kodiak, Alaska in December 2017. I transitioned my career from laboratory science to information technology by accepting the Clinical Applications Coordinator position for Kodiak Area Native Association. My focus was on Cerner applications for medical and behavioral health and Dentrix Enterprise for our dental team. I am the current project manager for the ongoing change management as well as the current technical support for the region. My position is bridging the gap between clinical and informatics. I am a member of the overall Executive Steering Committee for Informatics with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. I was promoted to Clinic Operations Manager in January 2019, and continue to serve in that role. 


I was awarded the Norton Sound Health Corporation Integrity Value Award in 2015.


 I was also named as 1 of ASCP's 40 Under Forty for 2017.

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I will never lose my zest for science or health care which is why I decided to pursue the Masters of Health Administration from The George Washington University. I have hopes that with the base knowledge I've gathered from my time as a medical laboratory scientist, laboratory director,  clinical applications coordinator, and most recently clinic operations manager, that I will be able to successfully continue up the career ladder towards health administration. 



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